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Faculty Book: Mark Spicer, ed.

Mark Spicer and John Covach, eds.

Sounding Out Pop: Analytical Essays in Popular Music
(University of Michigan Press, 2010)

The nine essays in this volume work together to map the myriad styles and genres of the pop-rock universe through detailed case studies that confront the music from a variety of engaging, thought-provoking perspectives—from historical to music-analytic, aesthetic to ethnographic, with several authors drawing liberally from ideas in other disciplines. The bands and artists covered range from the Coasters and Roy Orbison to Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Beck, Genesis, Tori Amos, and the Police. Together these diverse essays cover a broad spectrum of studies ideally suited for classroom use and for readers interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of the way popular music works. Mark Spicer (Assoc. Prof., Hunter) is on the doctoral faculty in music.

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Submitted on: JUN 22, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Music Ph.D. - D.M.A