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Bruce MacIntyre
Position: Professor of Music, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center of CUNY
Campus Affiliation: Brooklyn College
Phone: 718 951-5286
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., CUNY
Research Interests: Classical era; Haydn

Bruce MacIntyre's interests include Viennese music of the late eighteenth century, Joseph Haydn, choral music, music editing, and bibliography.   At Brooklyn College’s Conservatory of Music he teaches music history, directs the Conservatory Chamber Chorus, and, as assistant director, oversees the graduate programs in music.  His monograph, The Viennese Concerted Mass of the Early Classic Period (Ann Arbor, 1986), is considered a major survey of the Mass genre from that era.  MacIntyre’s seminars at The Graduate Center have included problems in musicology, the symphonic poem, operas of Haydn and Mozart, the symphony in the classic period, Haydn’s The Creation, and Mozart’s church music.



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Co-editor (with Barry S. Brook) of "Workshop 5: Opera" in:  Haydn Studies, ed. Jens Peter Larsen, Howard Serwer, and James Webster.  New York: Norton, 1981.

"The Present State of (American) Music in Cologne:  Report from Abroad."  Newsletter of The Institute for Studies in American Music (Brooklyn College) VII/2 (May 1979): 1, 12.

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Various reviews for Music Library Association Notes,  The Eighteenth-Century: A Current Bibliography (American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies), Newsletter of The Institute for Studies in American Music (Brooklyn College).

Publications - Internet-Based

Music Bibliography web site (designed & installed for Music 700 at Brooklyn College, August 1997): .

Brooklyn College Blackboard course web-sites for seminars “The Symphonic Poem,” “The Romantic Art Song,” and “Classic Chamber Music.”

Program and Liner Notes

Program notes for Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival (August 1997), Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (1981 Haydn Festival), and Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College (BCBC), 1986-1988. 

CD liner notes for Joseph Haydn's Flute Quartets in G and C, Op. 5, Nos. 4 & 6. Bernard Goldberg, flute, and members of the Audubon Quartet.  Price-Less Recordings D-1077X (rel. February 1988).

Translations (Ger.-Eng.)

Translator of Georg Feder's   Musikphilologie (Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buch-Gesellschaft, 1987) [in preparation for Pendragon Press].

Luigi F. Tagliavini. "Bach's Organ Transcription of Vivaldi's 'Grosso Mogul' Concerto" in J.S. Bach as Organist, ed. George Stauffer and Ernest May, p. 240-55.  Bloomington, IN:  Indiana University Press, 1986.

Grants and Honors

--Favorite Teacher (Music), Brooklyn College Yearbook 2001.
--Alumni Achievement Award, Doctoral Alumni Association of The CUNY Graduate School, 1997.
--PSC-CUNY Foundation, research travel grant, 1988-89.
--Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music, dissertation grant, 1981-82.
--Deutscher Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD), dissertation research and travel grant, 1978-80.

Music Performance

Choral conductor at Brooklyn College:   Brooklyn College Chamber Chorus (1994-present), Brooklyn College Chorus (conductor, 1989-90, 1991-2000).