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Academic Levels

As you know from having read the Graduate School Bulletin, tuition fees are geared to academic levels, with the fees decreasing as students move from one level to another.

The levels are defined as follows:

LEVEL I:  Students who have completed fewer than 45 graduate credits and/or have not passed the First Examination

LEVEL II:  From the semester following the completion of 45 credits and passing of the First Examination, to advancement to candidacy

LEVEL III:  From the semester following advancement to candidacy; that is: upon passing the Second Examination (DMA--Comprehensive Examination)

Students should note that they will be considered as having reached LEVEL III only upon the completion of the following: at least 60 credits (grades of INCOMPLETE do not count), all specific course requirements for the area of specialization, all required language examinations, and the First and Second Examinations