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En Route Master's Degree


All students must satisfactorily complete the following requirements before applying for the en-route MA degree in Music.

  • 45 course credits, all with a grade of B or better, including the required courses listed below in sub-areas of the program. Courses taken for a P grade cannot count toward this degree, and no more than 12 credits of transfer credits may be applied toward it.
  • Successful passing of the first doctoral examination.
  • Passing one language examination. Two in Ethnomusicology.

In addition, there are specific requirements by area:

Introduction to Musicology (Music 70000); a 70000-level proseminar in theory/analysis; a 70000-level proseminar in music history in either Medieval or Renaissance music, together with its corequisite “Performance Workshop; four 80000-level seminars in music history; a course in ethnomusicology.

Eight courses (or their equivalent) including Research Techniques in Ethnomusicology (MUS 71200); five seminars in ethnomusicology; one seminar in Western music; one course in anthropology.

Music Theory
Introduction to Musicology (Music 70000); proseminars in Schenkerian analysis and post-tonal analysis; two seminars in Schenkerian analysis, one seminar in post-tonal analysis, and two seminars in the History of Music Theory.

Introduction to Musicology (Music 70000); one proseminar in theory/analysis; one seminar or proseminar in music history prior to 1900; two tutorials in composition, two Composers Seminars and two Composers Forums. Two 80000 research seminars.