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The Concert Office

The Music Program maintains its own Concert Office, which oversees the production of concerts, recitals, and large-scale lectures and symposia at the Graduate Center. The office is located in Room 3105; Tel: 212-817-8607;


There are two performing spaces at the Graduate Center: both spaces have Steinway grand pianos.

The Baisley Powell Elebash Recital Hall is the main recital space. Located on the ground level of the Graduate Center, it is one of the finest performance spaces in New York City, with excellent acoustics and a seating capacity of 184.

The Harold M. Proshansky Auditorium (named after the late President of the Graduate Center) is a traditional 384-seat auditorium/lecture hall located on the basement level. It has a shallow stage and is used mainly for lectures and symposia, although it is sometimes available for concerts.


The two concert halls are in great demand, since they are shared by other disciplines, other divisions of CUNY, and outside academic and commercial interests. Use of the halls must be scheduled well in advance.

Recitals are given on weeknights, Monday through Thursday. The Music Program is assigned a selection of dates each semester for use by the entire department. You may check on available dates by contacting the Concert Office.


Dates are announced late in each semester for recitals to be presented the following semester. As soon as you have chosen a date and one or two alternate dates with your teacher and assisting personnel, you should confirm the availability with the Concert Office.

To ensure a dress rehearsal, it is advised to choose one when scheduling your recital date.

Please note that once the date has been set changes are not permitted. Canceled recitals cannot be rescheduled until the following semester. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.


Concerts begin at 7:30 p.m. If piano is required, tuning occurs at 4p.m.; students can access the stage at 5p.m.


A concert schedule is included on the Music website and is also posted online on the GC events calendar. Timely submission of program materials is required to ensure posting online. Performers are encouraged to prepare and distribute their own flyers.


Submission of a student’s program is required for approval at least two (2) months in advance of the recital date. The program and Recital Contract, submitted to both the DEO of the program and the Concert Office, must include the complete program information. Please refer to the Recital Guidelines for complete submission information.

Printed programs are prepared by the Concert Office. Program notes and stage setup requirements must be provided at least one (1) month prior to the concert.

Recording and Web Streaming

An archival audio recording is made of all recitals. A CD copy will be provided to you with limited tracking.

Students may opt to hire a professional recording engineer. Engineers must provide their own recording equipment; Graduate Center recording equipment is not available.

Web streaming is available. Please be sure to submit your Release Form with your signed Recital Contract and program.