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The GC's John Musto Receives American Academy of Arts and Letters Award

Professor John Musto, the coordinator of the GC’s D.M.A. Program in Performance, received a 2019 Arts and Letters Award in Music from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for his work as a composer.
The award provides $10,000 to honor outstanding artistic achievement, and an additional $10,000 to help fund the recording of one work. Musto and the three other award recipients will present their music in a concert at the Academy next year.
“It’s very rewarding to be acknowledged by your colleagues,” Musto said. “This is a wonderful award because it includes the stipend for recording. Recording, if you really want to do it right, is an expensive proposition.”
Musto’s work has received acclaim by publications ranging from The Washington Post and The New York Observer to Gramophone Magazine and Musical America. In addition to being a classical composer, Musto is a distinguished soloist and chamber musician, and has performed and written work in genres including orchestral, operatic, concerti, and as well as music for film and television. For the past two years, he has toured with “Last Night with Leonard Bernstein,” a four-person show that also features his wife, acclaimed soprano and Professor Amy Burton (Music), who teaches voice at The Graduate Center.
“Performing and composing are very different things, and they feed on each other,” Musto said. As for his favorite genre? “Your favorite is what you’re working on at the moment.”
Musto is the recipient of many previous awards, including two Emmy awards, two CINE Awards, and a Distinguished Alumnus award from the Manhattan School of Music. He was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his orchestral song cycle “Dove Sta Amore.”

Submitted on: MAR 6, 2019

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