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Faculty Book: Janette Tilley, ed.

Janette Tilley, ed.

Andreas Hammerschmidt: Geistlicher Dialogen Ander Theil Including a Setting of Martin Opitz's Salomons des Hebreischen Königes Hohes Liedt
(Recent Researches in Music of the Baroque Era, vol. 150. A-R Editions, 2008)

Andreas Hammerschmidt's Geistlicher Dialogen Ander Theil (1645) is a collection of fifteen sacred lieder, twelve of which use texts from Martin Opitz's paraphrase of the Song of Songs, which had long been a popular choice of text for musical treatment. Hammerschmidt is one of the few composers to approach Opitz's poetry in a systematic way with the intention of setting the entire collection. Arguably one of the most popular and widely heard German composers of his generation, Hammerschmidt writes in a simple yet subtle style appropriate for private and amateur performance. The vocal and instrumental parts are naturally undemanding and could easily be attempted by students. This apparent simplicity should not belie the music its charms and the possibility of tasteful variation in performance. The present contribution makes Hammerschmidt's volume available to modern performers and scholars for the first time. Janette Tilley is an assistant professor of music at Lehman College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: FEB 29, 2008

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