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Nursing Science

Where do I find The Graduate Center Academic Calendar?

To view the Graduate Center academic calender click here.

Are there any tuition benefits if I am a full-time CUNY faculty member or a CUNY adjunct?

Full-time CUNY faculty members and CUNY adjuncts should contact their home colleges to see if they are eligible for tuition-waivers.

Can I go part time?

No. The PhD program was designed to be a full-time, cohort program. Students are admitted once per year, in the Fall semester, and progress through the program together.

How does the DNS degree differ from the PhD?

Both are research doctorates, concerned with theory testing. However, the DNS is focused on testing theory specifically related to nursing sensitive patient outcomes.

How long is the PhD program?

The program coursework and dissertation seminar are designed to be completed in a 6 semester period.  Additional 3-credit semesters of dissertation seminar may be necessary until the dissertation is completed. The PhD will take four years to complete.

How many credits is the PhD program?

The coursework is 50 credits.  Additional dissertation seminar credits may be necessary.

I'm an international student. What do I need to know about applying to the program?

Translations and evaluation of transcripts from colleges outside the U.S. must be completed early in the application process.  The Office of International Students at the Graduate Center collects the documents and issues the I-20.  Please refer to the graduate catalog or graduate application for more detailed information.

Is financial aid offered?

For information about financial aid please click here.

What are the admissions criteria for the CUNY Nursing PhD Program?

For information on admissions criteria for the CUNY Nursing PhD Program, please click here.

What are the graduation requirements?

Satisfactory completion of the following:

  • 50 credits in the nursing program
  • First examination
  • Second examination
  • The dissertation

What if I have not taken all of the required prerequisite courses?

Please speak with the program adviser concerning options.

What is the PhD in Nursing?

The PhD in Nursing is a research degree for post masters level nurses. Candidates for the PhD in Nursing must write a dissertation.

What is the First Examination?

The First Examination is administered after 20 credits of doctoral study have been completed. It is a written examination that consists of essay questions representing core content in nursing science and nursing knowledge, measurement, health disparities and policy initiatives. If the First Examination is not passed the first time, the student must pass the retest administered during the following semester. The student must pass the retest in order to remain in the program.

What is The Graduate Center Tuition?

To learn about the Graduate Center's tuition and fees click here.

Please Note:
All fees and tuition charges are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York without prior notice.

What is the Second Examination?

The Second Examination is a two-part examination. Part one consists of a written preliminary research proposal. Part two consists of an oral presentation of the written research proposal and response to questions posed by the Examination Committee.

What will the PhD prepare me to do?

The PhD in Nursing will prepare you to conduct research focused on nursing sensitive patient outcomes in many settings. In addition, those who have earned a PhD are eligible to hold positions in academia.

When will I reach Level 2?

Once 20 credits of coursework at The Graduate Center are completed, students will take the First Examination. Students will be advanced to Level 2 after successful completion of the First Examination and 45 credits of coursework.

Where and when are the classes held?

Classes will be held at The Graduate Center of CUNY on Fridays from 9:00am to 6:30pm