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Judith Aponte
Diabetes, large data sets, community/public health
Carole A. Baraldi
Women's Health, Cancer Research, Disability
Margaret Barton-Burke
Cancer, Fatigue, Pain and Symptoms Management
Juan Battle, PhD
Education|Quantitative Methods/Demography|Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Gender and Sexuality
Steven L. Baumann
Theory, Global Issues, Aging, Mental Health
Aliza Ben- Zacharia, PhD, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, FAAN
Design, implementation and dissemination of evidence-based solutions to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care use in neurology, palliative care in neurology, and the impact of environmental factors such as BMI on the progression of multiple sclerosis and on cognitive function and brain volume in patients with MS.
Patricia Boyce, PhD, RN
Design, implementation and dissemination of evidence-based solutions to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care delivery.
Eleanor T. Campbell
Adolescent Health, Childhood Obesity, Clinical Decision Making
Elizabeth Capezuti
Gerontology, geriatric nursing, palliative and hospice care, technological interventions, advanced practice, work enviornment
Michael Chattalas
Specialization in Healthcare Consumer Behavior
Elizabeth Cohn
Health equity, genomic medicine and precision health, health disparities in under-represented populations rural and urban populations, the intersection of health and social science with practical utility in everyday life, and the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of genetics and genomics in minority health
Barbara DiCicco-Bloom
Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Relationships among Health Care Professionals
Cassandra Dobson
Sickle Cell Disease, Equity and Diversity care for under served populations
Arlene Farren- Emeritus
Quality of Life, Breast Cancer Survivors, Standardized Nursing Languages, Nursing Education, Theory, and Measurement
Keville Frederickson- Emeritus
Theory and knowledge development, international doctoral education, and reduction of youth risk behaviors
William Gallo
Health Services Research, Applied Statistics, Nurse Practice Enviornment
Christine Ganzer
Cognitive Aging, Health Literacy, Gerontology
Catherine Alicia Georges
Health Disparities, Health Literacy and International Nursing Education and Practice.
Eileen Gigliotti
Social support, role stress and instrument development and validation
Claudette Gordon
Qualitative Research, Women's Health-Newborn, Global Health Issues, Health Equity
Lorie Goshin
health equity and human rights for criminal justice involved people and their families, nursing in correctional settings, multi-system involved families with minor children
Mary T. Hickey
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Specialization
Marianne Jeffreys
Transcultural Nursing, Student Retention and Success, Culturally Diverse Students, Cultural Competence, Instrumentation, Self-Efficacy, Teaching and Learning
Margaret Lunney- Emeritus
Informatics, research process, community health nursing
Ellen McCabe, PhD, RN, PNP-BC
school health, school nurse workload and chronic illness management in the school setting
Gail McCain
Pediatric Nursing, Nursing Research and Theory Development, High Risk Neonates/Pre-term infants
Donna M. Nickitas- Emeritus
Service-learning, Community Engagement, Health Policy and Nursing Administration
Anita Nirenberg
Oncology Nursing and Cancer Treatment Delivery
Kathleen M. Nokes- Emeritus
Nursing and Public Health Issues specifically related to HIV/AIDS on a local, National and International Level
So- Hyun Park, PhD, RN, ANP-BC
Health promotion in cancer survivorship, cancer prevention, culturally tailored behavior intervention for breast cancer prevention in Korean American women
Stacey Plichta
Healthy aging, elder abuse, intimate partner violence, occupational health of health and social services workers, integrative health care.
Carol Roye- Emeritus
Adolescent Reproductive Health
El Samuels
Statistical Analyses, Psychometrics & Experimental Psychology, and Prosocial Development
Linda Scheetz
Trauma Nursing, prehospital triage, Trauma System, Critical Injuries in Older Adults, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Injury Outcomes, Geriatrics, Emergency Nursing
Carolyn Sun, PhD, RN, ANP-BC
Evidence based practice in nursing
Vidette Todaro-Franceschi
Dying, death and bereavement, professional quality of life (contentment/happiness, compassion fatigue, burnout), ethics.
Martha V. Whetsell
Nursing, psychology, pediatrics and quantitative research