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Carol Roye- Emeritus
Position: Assistant Dean for Research and Professor
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Phone: 212-481-4332
Degrees/Diplomas: EdD, RN, CPNP
Research Interests: Adolescent Reproductive Health

Professional Interests:

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health

  • HIV and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

  • Collaborations to Enhance Nursing Education in Haiti

Primary Teaching Areas:

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health

  • Health Promotion with Vulnerable Populations

  • Measurement

Selected Publications:

  • Work in Progress: Roye, C., Snowden, F., & Tolman, D. Contextualizing Anal Intercourse among Black and Hispanic Adolescent and Young Adult Women.

  • Roye, C., Krauss, B., Silverman, P.  Prevalence and Correlates of Heterosexual Anal Intercourse Among Urban Black and Latina Female Adolescents and the Role of Sexual Relationship Power.  (2010) Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 21, 291-301.  doi: 10.1016/j.jana.2009.12.002.

  • Roye, C. (2008). Politics and Nursing Science: Not Always A Healthy Combination. Nursing Science Quarterly, 21, 13-17.

  • Roye, C., Silverman, P., & Krauss, B. (2007). A brief, low-cost, theory-based intervention to promote dual method use by Black and Latina female adolescents: A randomized clinical trial. Health Education and Behavior, 34, 608-621.
    This project is being featured by the National Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy, as one of the new “Emerging Answers”.

  • Roye, C. (2006). Adolescent Sexuality. In: Bernadette Melnyk, Ed. The KySS (Keep your children/yourself Safe and Secure) Guide to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Screening, Early Intervention and Health Promotion – First Edition. Cherry Hill NJ: NAPNAP Foundation.

  • Roye, C. (2003). Adolescent sexuality: Task force summary and recommendations. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 17(Supp), S17-S18.

  • Roye, C., Nelson, J., Stanis, P. (2003). Evidence of the Need for Cervical Cancer Screening In Adolescents. Journal of Pediatric Nursing,29, 224-225, 232.


  • BA

  • MEd

  • MS

  • EdD