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Margaret Barton-Burke
Position: Director of Nursing Research, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Phone: 646-449-1074
Room Number: 251, Concourse Level
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, MS, BS
Research Interests: Cancer, Fatigue, Pain and Symptoms Management
Honors & Awards
  • Invitational Faculty & Senior Faculty Member, African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowships (ADDRF) training Workshop
  • 2014 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year
  • Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, FAAN
Professional Development & Fellowships (Selected)
  • Fellowship, AACN Leadership in Academic Nursing Programs (LANP)
  • Fellowship, University of Missouri-St. Louis International Studies & Program (ISP) Dello for Academic Year 2013-2014. Enhancing Breast Cancer Screening among Women in Rural Communities in Ibadan, Nigeria
Publications (Journal/Book/Proceedings) Selected
  • Barton-Burke,  M.  Professional  Standards,  Quality,  and  Evidence-based  Practice  in  Oncology    Nursing:
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  • Barton-Burke,  M.  Professional  Standards,   Quality,  and   Evidence-based   Practice  in  Oncology   Nursing : Focus  on   Legal Implications.inPractice®   Oncology   Nursing   (eBook).   2013.   http://inpractice .com/   and http://www.clini caloptions .com/ inPractice . aspx,  D. Camp-Sorrell  and  R. Hawkins  (Eds.)
  • Wilkes, G.M. and Barton-Burke, M. 2017 Oncology Nursing Drug Handbook  (ONDH),  in  development. Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury,  MA.
  • Wilkes,  G.M.  and  Barton-Burke,   M.  2016  Oncology  Nursing  Drug  Handbook  (ONDH),  2015.  Jones    &
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  • Wilkes,  G.M.  and  Barton-Burke,  M.  2015  Oncology  Nursing  Drug  Handbook  (ONDH),  2014.  Jones     &
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  • Barton-Burke, M. (2002). Breast Cancer Experiences: Women's Reflections Years  after  Diagnosis, 2002. UMI Company, Ann Arbor,  MI.
Refereed Journals (Peer Reviewed)
  • Barton-Burke, M., Johnson, C., and Vonghirunpinyo, C. (in development). The Knowledge is Power Conference : An Analysis of Five Years of Evaluation Data.
  • Barton-Burke, M and Wiltz, F. (in revision). Social construction of breast cancer : Experiences of Black women survivors.
  • Barton-Burke, M. (2016). Building Capacity for evidenced-based practice at the unit level using Oncology Nursing Society Putting Evidence into Practice© . Asian Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing, 3( 1): 17-21.
  • Walker, D.K .,Barton-Burke, M., Garzo Saria, M., Gosselin, T., reland, A., Norton, V. , and Newton, S. Everyday Heroes : Oncology Nurses and Advocacy. (2015). American Journal of Nursing . 115(8), 66-70 . PMID :26222478
  • Barton-Burke, M. (2015). Oncology Nursing as Ethical Practice. Oncology Nursing Forum, 42 (3),214. DOI:    ttp ://
  • PhD, University of Rhode Island, 2002
  • MS, Boston universitym 1980
  • BS, William Patterson College, 1972