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William Gallo
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: CUNY School of Public Health
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, MA, MBA,
Research Interests: Health Services Research, Applied Statistics, Nurse Practice Enviornment
Professional Interests:
  • Health Services Research, Applied Statistics, Nurse Practice Enviornment
Primary Teaching Areas:
  • Measurements in Nursing Research
  • Advance Scientific Writing
  • Applied Statistics
Selected Publications: (2011-2016)
Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:

Peer Reviewed Books:
  • Fahs MC, Cabin W, Gallo WT. Social and Environmental Influences on Urban Mental Health. In Cohen N and S Galea (eds.) Population Mental Health: Evidence, Policy, and Public Health Practice  (Routledge Studies in Public Health)  2010.
  • Gallo WT. Physical Health and Health Behaviors in Retirement. In Wang M (ed.) Oxford Handbook of Retirement (in press).
Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:
  • Gueorguieva R, Sindelar JL, Wu R, Gallo WT. Differential changes in BMI after retirement by occupation: Hierarchical models. International Journal of Public Health 2011; 56:111-116.
  • Deb P, Gallo WT, Ayyagari P, Fletcher J, Sindelar JL. The effect of job loss on overweight and drinking. Journal of Health Economics 2011;  30:317-327.
  • Mandal B, Ayyagari P, Gallo WT. Job loss and depression: The role of subjective expectations.Social  Science  & Medicine 2011; 72:576-583.
  • Ajdacic-Gross V, Vetter S, Gallo WT, et al. Risk factors at the low end of the psychosis continuum: Much the same as at the upper end? Psychiatry Research 2011; 189:77-81.
  • Bayaz-Ozturk G, Gallo WT, Fahs MC. Use of preventive care by older adults in New York City: Income-related disparities in dental and vision care. Journal of Health Behavior and Public Health 2011; 1:17-23.
  • Friedman DF, Giunta N, Gallo WT, Fahs MC. The influence of neighborhood factors on the quality of life of older adults attending New York City senior centers: Results from the Health Indicators Project. Quality of Life Research 2012;  21:123-131.
  • Ayyagari P, Deb P, Fletcher J, Gallo WT, Sindelar JL. Sin taxes: Do heterogeneous responses undercut their value? Health Economics (epub ahead of print December 12, 2011).
  • Chung W, Giunta N, Parikh N, Fahs M, Gallo WT. Linking neighborhood characteristics to nutritional insecurity in older adults: The role of perceived safety, social cohesion, and walkability. Journal of Urban Health 2012; 89:407-418.
  • Schmitz, MF, Giunta N, Parikh N, Chen K, Fahs MC, Gallo WT. The association between neighborhood social cohesion and hypertension management strategies in older adults. Age and Ageing  2012; 41:388-392.
  • Giunta N, Morano C, Parikh N, Friedman D, Fahs MC, Gallo WT. Racial and ethnic diversity in senior centers: Comparing participant characteristics in more and less multicultural settings. Journal of  Gerontological Social  Work 2011 55:467-483.
  • Ryvicker M, Fahs MC, Gallo WT. Environmental factors associated with primary access use among urban older adults. Social Science and Medicine 2012, 75:914-921.
  • Berchick ER, Gallo WT, Maralani V, Kasi SV. Inequality and the association between involuntary job loss and depressive symptoms. Social Science and Medicine 2012  75:1891-1894.
  • Rashad Kelly I, Dave DM, Sindelar JL, Gallo WT. The impact of early occupational choice on health behaviors. Review of Economics of the Household 2012 (in press).
  • Giunta N, Morano C, Parikh N, Friedman D, Fahs MC, Gallo WT. Mind-Body Techniques, Race­ Ethnicity, and Depression among Urban Senior Center Participants. Health and Social Work 2012 (in press).
  • Gallo WT. Effect of unemployment on risks for acute myocardial infarction: Evolution of research. Invited comment on ''The cumulative effect of unemployment on risks for acute myocardial infarction. Archives of Internal Medicine 2012 (in press).
  • PhD- University of Connecticut        
  • MA- University of Connecticut                       
  • MBA- American Graduate School of International Management