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Path to Degree

Path to Degree


Academic Year One

  • Complete 20 hours of required courses
  • Prepare research statement which includes an area of interest, target population and methodology for First Exam
  • Assigned faculty advisor at the end of the first year who will serve as dissertation sponsor
  • Prepare for and write First Exam – State of Science Paper

Academic Year Two

  • Complete 20 hours of required courses
  • Refine Dissertation Topic
  • Choose Dissertation Committee members (2 within the nursing program and one outside the nursing program but inside the Graduate Center)
  • Write first chapter of Dissertation
  Academic Year Three
  • Complete final 9 hours of required course work
  • Complete first 3 chapters of dissertation
  • Pass Second Exam – both written and oral
  • Advance to candidacy

Academic Year Four and above

  • Complete and defend dissertation
  • Graduate