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Student Forms

Nursing Program Advisement Form

Please note that CUNYfirst does not require registrations pins however; students must meet with their advisor/chair prior to registration before registration holds are released.

Please contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment to discuss your progression and course schedule. When meeting with your advisor please have advisement forms available. Once complete forward all forms to program APO.

Independent-Study-Agreement-Form (Year 4 and above students only)

Oral Proposal Forms

Please complete and return the oral proposal forms with the requested signatures to the program APO on or before your proposal defense.

Dissertation Defense Forms

Students are only able to schedule their Dissertation Defense after: 

  1. The written dissertation proposal has been approved and successfully orally defended
  2. The student obtains all necessary IRB approvals
  3. Conducts the research and
  4. Writes the dissertation
Dissertation Evaluation Form is sent to each committee member, along with the complteted dissertation. The form should be filled out and returned to the APO no later than 4 weeks prior to the defense date.

Dissertation Deposit

Student who have sucessfully defended their dissertation must submit their dissertation electronically and submit their dissertation approval page to the reference librarian in the Mina Rees Library on the 2nd Floor, Room 2304. Please check the academic calendar for the deadline to deposit your dissertation. For more information on depositing your dissertation click here.

Human Subjects/IRB/HRPP

The Graduate Center has an ethical and legal commitment to protect human subject in research. All such research, whether for dissertation or for other purposes, must be reviewed and approved by the Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects prior to its inititation. For more information please visit the Research &Sponsored Program website.

Effective October 3, 2016, the Dissertation Proposal Human Subjects Research Clearance Form requirement has been eliminated. Submission of the Clearance Form is no longer required. All forms submitted to date have been processed.

The Human Participants hold has been lifted from all student Banner accounts and this requirement will no longer impact advancement to candidacy or graduation.

All human subjects research still requires prior HRPP/IRB review and approval. For guidance on when CUNY HRPP/IRB review is required, visit this site

For more information about CUNY HRPP/IRB, visit this site.
 If you have any questions, please contact Marianna Azar, the Graduate Center HRPP Coordinator (


Additional Forms