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Arnold Koslow
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Columbia University
Research Interests: Philosophy and History of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, The Foundations of Logic

Courses Recently Taught

  • Scientific Representation (Spring 2012)
  • Scientific Laws and Their Lawmakers (Fall 2010)
  • Scientific Explanations (Fall 2009)

Representative Publications

A Structuralist Theory of Logic, Cambridge Press (1992).

There is a recent paperback edition (October 2005), but it is a reprint without any corrections. There is, however, a list of Errata.

"The Implicational Nature of Logic", in A.Varzi (ed.) The European Philosophical Review (The Nature of Logic), Stanford U. Press (1999).

"Truthlike and Truthful Operators" in Between Logic and Intuition, Essays in Honor of Charles Parsons, G.Sher and R.Thiesen, Cambridge U. Press, 2000.

"Ontology and the Laws of Nature", Proceedings of III International Congress of Ontology and Nature, San Sebastian Spain (1998).

"Explanation, Laws, and the Reduction of Possibilities", in Real Metaphysics, Essays in Honour of Hugh Mellor, G. Rodriguez-Pereyra and H. Lillehammer, Routledge Press (eds.), 2003.

"Laws and Possibilities", in Philosophy of Science, 71 (2004), pp. 719-729.

"Ramsey on Simplicity and Truth", in Metaphysica, Special Issue 3, 2005, Nils-Eric Salin (Ed.), pp. 89-108.

"The Representational Inadequacy of Ramsey Sentences", Theoria, vol.72, 206, part 2, pp.100-125.

"Structuralist Logic, Implications, Inferences, and Consequences", Logica Universalis, Springer Verlag vol.1, no.1, 2007, pp.167-181.

"Truth and Simplicity", F.P. Ramsey (Ed. A. Koslow), Brit. J.P.S., 2007, pp.1-7.

"A Tale of Two Schemata: Tarskian (Finitary) Truth, and Ramseyan Mental States", The Logica Yearbook 2006, eds. O.ÊTomola andÊR.ÊHonzik, Filosofia, Prague 2007, pp.137-156.

"Does Modal Theory need to be Introduced to Intuitionistic, Epistemic, and Conditional Logic, or have they already met?", IGPL, (forthcoming)