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Hagop Sarkissian
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: Baruch College
Degrees/Diplomas: MA University of Toronto; PhD Duke
Research Interests: Moral Psychology, Metaethics, Chinese Philosophy, Cognitive Science of Religion
Recent Courses Taught 

Chinese Philosophy, Fall 2015 

Representative Publications

Sarkissian, H. (2016). “Aspects of folk morality: objectivism and relativism.” In The Blackwell Companion to Experimental Philosophy. Edited by Wesley Buckwalter and Justin Sytsma.

Sarkissian, H. (2015). "When you think it's bad it's worse than you think: Psychological bias and the ethics of negative character assessments". In The Philosophical Challenge from China. Brian Bruya (Ed.). MIT Press.

Sarkissian, H. (2014). “Is self-regulation a burden or a virtue? A comparative perspective.” In The Philosophy and Psychology of Character and Happiness: An Empirical Approach to Character and Happiness Nancy E. Snow and Franco V. Trivigno (Ed.). (pp. 181-196). Routledge Press.

Sarkissian, H. (2013). "Ritual and Rightness in the Analects". In Dao Companion to the Analects. Amy Olberding (Ed.). (pp. 95-116). Springer.

Sarkissian, H., Park, J., Tien, D., Wright, J., Knobe, J. (2011). Folk moral relativism. Mind & Language, 26(4), 482-505.

Sarkissian, H. (2010). Confucius and the Effortless Life of Virtue. History of Philosophy Quarterly 27(1), 1-16.

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Sarkissian, H. (2010). Minor Tweaks, Major Payoffs: The Problems and Promise of Situationism in Moral Philosophy. Philosopher's Imprint 10(9), 1-15.

Phelan, M., Sarkissian, H. (2008). The folk strike back: Or, why you didn't do it intentionally, though it was bad and you knew it. Philosophical Studies, 138(2), 291-298.

Flanagan, O., Sarkissian, H., Wong, D. (2007). "Naturalizing Ethics". In Moral Psychology, Vol. 1: The Evolution of Morality: Adaptations and Innateness. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Ed.). (pp. 1-26). MIT Press.