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Rohit Parikh
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Distinguished Professor

Research Interests

  • Logic of Knowledge
  • Belief Revision
  • Vagueness
  • Decision Theory
  • Wittgenstein (pragmatic approaches to logic and language)

Courses Recently Taught

  • Game Theory & Social Choice (Fall 2010)
  • Logic (Spring 2014, Spring 2010)

Representative Publications

"Existence and Feasibility in Arithmetic", Jour. Symbolic Logic 36 (1971) 494-508.

"The Problem of Vague Predicates", in Logic, Language and Method Ed. Cohen and Wartofsky, Reidel (1982) 241-261.

"Vagueness and Utility: the Semantics of Common Nouns", Linguistics and Philosophy 17 1994, 521-35.

"How far can we formalize language games? in The Foundational Debate edited by DePauli-Scimanovich, Koehler and Stadler, Kluwer Academic (1995) pp. 89-100.

"Language as social software", (abstract) International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (1995), page 417. To appear in Future Pasts, Ed. Floyd and Shieh, Oxford U. Press, 2000.

"Propositions, propositional attitudes and belief revision" in K. Segerberg, M. Zakharyaschev, M. de Rijke, H. Wansing, editors, Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 2, CSLI Publications, 1999.