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Colloquium - Spring 2016

Each colloquium is held on Wednesday at 4:15 P.M. All colloquia will take place at the Graduate Center in rooms 9204/9205 except as otherwise noted. Please call (212) 817-8615 for further information.

Feb. 10
The Jerrold J. Katz Lecture
Josh Weisberg, University of Houston
"Schmonsciousness Explained? On the Proper Subject of a Theory of Consciousness"

Feb. 17          
Miriam Schoenfield, NYU/UT-Austin
“Permissivism, Disagreement and the Value of Rationality”
Feb. 24
Robert Stalnaker, MIT/Columbia
“Models and Reality”
Mar. 2
Eric Mandelbaum, CUNY Baruch College
"Troubles with (Descriptive) Bayesianism" 
Mar. 9 
Serene Khader, CUNY Brooklyn College
“Is there a Self-Regarding Duty to Resist Oppression?”
Mar. 16
Jody Azzouni, Tufts
“Moore's Hands and the Burden of Proof”
Mar. 30           
Michelle Mason, University of Minnesota
“On Owing, to Another, Nearly Nothing”
Apr. 13           
William Lycan, UNC/UConn
Apr. 20
*Talk Cancelled*
May. 4
Thomas Hurka, Toronto
“More Seriously Wrong”
May. 11
Elliot Paul, Barnard - Columbia
“Clarity First: Descartes (and Stoics) on Clear and Distinct Perception”



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