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The Graduate Center's Philosophy program is designed to provide students pursuing Ph.D. and M.A. degrees with a sound general training in the history of ancient and modern philosophy and in the main areas of current philosophical inquiry.


Degree Offered

Admissions Deadline


Ph.D. in Philosophy
Full Time
M.A. in Philosophy
Full Time/Part Time
January 1 for Fall Enrollment (Ph.D.)
April 15 for Fall Enrollment (M.A.)
(No Spring Enrollment)


Our program offers students an extensive, integrated course of study drawing from a wide range of philosophical traditions in esteemed Ph.D. and M.A. programs. Located in the heart of New York City and under the guidance of an internationally renowned faculty, the Philosophy program provides students with access to all of the resources necessary for intensive graduate study of the highest quality.
Advanced philosophical instruction is offered in a range of areas, including history of philosophy, logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, moral and political philosophy, the philosophy of race, aesthetics, the philosophy of literature, feminist philosophy, and applied and professional ethics.


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In a city hailed by The New York Times as a “philosophical capital,” The Graduate Center's Philosophy program has an active community that hosts faculty and student-organized conferences, seminars, and weekly talks. Our program is part of a consortium that connects our community with those of other nearby universities to encourage greater engagement and offers a wider lens on philosophy. 

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Our award-winning and distinguished faculty members are leading philosophers from throughout CUNY who have published acclaimed books, made significant contributions to their fields, and are committed to philosophical inquiry. 

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Students' curriculum provides advanced philosophical instruction in a range of areas. Throughout their time at The Graduate Center, students are supported by an academic adviser, and doctoral students have access to extensive placement services. Our program is also devoted to promoting diversity and addressing the needs of the community. 

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Our students engage with the work of three renowned research centers closely affiliated with the program — the Saul Kripke Center, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Center for Global Ethics and Politics — through regular seminars, visiting speakers, and conferences, in addition to weekly meetings for targeted research groups.

Contact Us

Philosophy Program,
The Graduate Center, CUNY

365 Fifth Ave., Rm. 7113
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-817-8615
Executive Officer: Prof. Nickolas Pappas
Deputy Executive Officer: Prof. John Greenwood
Director of Admissions: Prof. Stephen Neale
Director of Placement: Prof. Miranda Fricker
MA Program Director: Prof. Jonathan Gilmore
Assistant Program Officer: Natile Clarke