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Climate Advisory Committee

The Climate Advisory Committee was formed in 2017 to help foster inclusive practices in the GC philosophy community. Its current members are Linda Martín Alcoff, Miranda Fricker (Chair), Serene Khader, and Iakovos Vasiliou.

As part of its overarching purpose, the committee aims to serve as an approachable body to which any student, faculty member, or staff member can easily communicate a suggestion, problem, or complaint in relation to inclusivity and ‘climate’ in the Philosophy Program. More generally we hope to support and promote good practice, and where appropriate to make proposals for practical change. The committee’s efforts are an integral part of the Philosophy Program’s commitment to sustaining a climate of equal opportunity for academic and professional flourishing in the department as a whole. Any member of our philosophy community may approach the committee with a concern or complaint, or alternatively with a practical suggestion for change and improvement—we welcome all inputs and perspectives, positive and negative. Just send one of us an email; or, if you prefer, you could bring an issue to the committee’s attention by contacting a member of the Student Steering Committee so that they can bring the matter (anonymously if desired) to a joint discussion; or indeed bypass the Climate Advisory Committee and take the issue directly to the Executive Officer. The two committees come together to pool ideas at a joint meeting normally twice a semester; in addition, the Climate Advisory Committee meets on an ad hoc basis to discuss any matters that are confidential.

The Climate Advisory Committee does not itself have any disciplinary role or authority, but rather it aims to serve as a useful conduit of information, complaints, proposals and feedback, positive and negative, concerning any aspect of climate in the program. It liaises, as appropriate, with the Executive Officer.

Please talk to us, or send an email, if you have anything you’d like to discuss.

Note: The CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct can be found here, of which section IV is interpreted as prohibiting intimate relationships between faculty members and students within a program. If you have any concerns in this connection, you can contact the Executive Officer or any member of the Climate Advisory Committee; and/or you can contact Pinar Ozgu ((212)-817-7410,, who has a number of related roles in her capacity as Interim Vice President of Institutional Equity & Human Resources, and Chief Diversity Officer.
Pinar is also the Graduate Center’s Title IX Coordinator (complaints concerning gender-based harassment). A student with a potential Title IX complaint may contact her directly and/or may approach any member of the Climate Advisory Committee, indeed any faculty member at all. Please note that while some of us may be able to advise in the abstract about the Title IX process, any concrete information about an actual Title IX related incident or pattern of behavior legally obliges any CUNY employee to report, so that a formal process would be automatically triggered.


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