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Recent Ph.D.s

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Yale Weiss
"Frontiers of Conditional Logic"
(Advisor: Graham Priest) 


Ross Colebrook
"Towards a Science of Morals"
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz) 

Cory A. Evans​
"A Philosophical Defense of Judicial Minimalism"
(Advisor: Steven M. Cahn)

Edward Freeman
"On A Theories and B Theories of Time"
(Advisor: Michael Levin) 

Phoebe Friesen
"Demystifying the Placebo Effect"
(Advisor: Peter Godfrey-Smith) 

Javier Gomez-Lavin
"The Fragmented Mind: Working Memory Cannot Implement Consciousness"
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz) 

Amanda Huminski
"Experimental Philosophy and Feminist Epistemology: Conflicts and Complements"
(Advisor: Linda Alcoff) 

Jongjin Kim
"Morality as Social Software"
(Advisor: Rohit Parikh) 

Daniel Mailick
"The Psychology of Plato's Republic: Taking Book 10 into Account"
(Advisor: Nickolas Pappas) 

Antonella Mallozzi
"Essence, Explanation, and Modal Knowledge"
(Advisor: David Papineau) 

Arina Pismenny
"The Syndrome of Romantic Love"
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz) 

Jesse Rappaport
"Unarticulated Constituents and Theories of Meaning"
(Advisor: Stephen Neale) 

Daniel S. Shabasson
"Two Indexical Uses Theory of Proper Names and Frege's Puzzle" 
(Advisor: Barbara Montero) 

Daniel Weissglass
"Naturalizing Aboutness: The Infodynamic Control Model of Intentionality" 
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz) 

Ken Weisshaar
"Scanlon’s Contractualism and Its Critics" 
(Advisor: Sibyl Schwarzenbach) 

Philip Zigman
"Theories of Perception and Recent Empirical Work"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal) 


Elvira Basevich
"W.E.B. DuBois on Freedom, Race, and American Modernity" 
(Advisor: Linda Alcoff) 

Carl Brownson 
"Evil and the Ontological Disproof" 
(Advisor: Steven Grover)

Amanda Bryant 
"Scientifically Responsible Metaphysics: A Program for the Naturalization of Metaphysics"
(Advisor: Michael Devitt) 

Thomas Ferguson
"The Proscriptive Principle and Logics of Analytic Implication"
(Advisor: Graham Priest) 

Marilynn Johnson
"Meaning Through Things" 
(Advisor: Noël Carroll) 

Laura Wildemann Kane 
"Toward a Social Ontology of the Family" 
(Advisor: Carol Gould) 

Thomas Kivatinos
Grounding, Causation and the Unity of Ontological Structure"
(Advisor: Graham Priest)

James Quilty-Dunn 
"Syntax and Semantics of Perceptual Representation" 
(Advisors: Eric Mandelbaum & Jesse Prinz) 

Natallia Stelmark Schabner 
“For Narrativity: How Creating Narrative Structures Experience and Self” 
(Advisor: Noël Carroll)


Frank Boardman
"Art as Display"
(Advisor: Noël Carroll)

Georgina Campelia 
“Virtues Web: The Virtue of Empathetic Attunement and the Need for a Relational Foundation”
(Advisor: Carol Gould)

Kenneth Courtney 
“A Normative Account of Political Representation”
(Advisor: Virginia Held)

Amanda Favia
"Darwinian Debunking Reconsidered"
(Advisor: Stefan Baumrin)

Thomas Ferguson 
“The Proscriptive Principle and Logics of Analytical Implication”
(Advisor: Graham Priest)

Carolyn Plunkett
“Actions, Reasons, and Self-Expression: A Defense of Subjectivist-Internalism about Reasons”
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz)

Tudor Protopopescu 
“Three Essays in Intuitionistic Epistemology”
(Advisor: Sergei Artemov)

Adriana Renero 
“The Nature of Introspection”
(Advisor: Jesse Prinz)

Henry Shevlin 
"Consciousness, Perception, and Short-Term Memory" 
(Advisor: Peter Godfrey-Smith) 

Derek Skillings 
“Aspects of Biological Explanation”
(Advisor: Peter Godfrey-Smith)

Monique Whitaker 
"The C3 Conditional"
(Advisor: Graham Priest)

Denise Vigani
"Construing Character: Virtue as a Cognitive-Affective Processing System"
(Advisor: Iakovos Vasiliou)

Chun-Ping Yen 
"Semantic Holism Revisited"
(Advisor: Graham Priest)

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Ben Abelson

“Persons as Self-Consciously Concerned Beings”
(Advisor: Prof. John Greenwood)

Jason Altilio
"Intimate Relationships: Reality and Normativity"
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

Paul Cummins
“Saving Moral Realism:  Against Blackburn's Projectivism.”
(Advisor: Prof. Steven Cahn)

Geoffrey Holtzman
“Plurality & Arationality: Individual Differences and Dimensions of Dispute”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Andreas Keller
"Olfaction as the Paradigm for Perceptual Philosophy"
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Oliver Marshall
"Toward a Kripkean Concept of Number"
(Advisor: Prof. Gary Ostertag)

Mary Clare McKinley
“Three Cases of Human Exceptionalsm:  Genius, Saint, Monster”
(Advisor:  Prof. Nickolas Pappas)

Rachel McKinney
"Communication, Labor, and Communicative Labor"
(Advisor: Prof. Linda Alcoff)

Romina Padro
“What the Tortoise Said to Kripke:  The Adoption Problem and the Epistemology of Logic”
(Advisor:  Prof. Michael Devitt)

Ben Phillips
"Seeing and Perceptual Content"
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Kamili Posey
"Social Epistemology and the Project of Mapping Science"
(Advisor: Prof. Samir Chopra)

Kathleen Ryan
“Locke’s ‘God’ Problem: Predicting God and Liberty Amid The Secularizing Effect of ‘Uneasiness’”
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

Katherine Tullmann
“Problems, Puzzles, and Paradoxes for a Moral Psychology of Fiction”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Elmar Unnsteinsson
“Representation without Thought: Confusion, Reference and Communication”
(Advisor: Prof. Stephen Neale)

Jihwan Yu
"Moral Dilemmas and Moral Theories"
(Advisor: Prof. Steven Cahn)

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Frank Bennett
“Evolution and Ethics”
(Advisor:  Prof. Steven Cahn)

Rachel Fedock
“The Theoretical and Psychological Foundations of Care in Environmental Ethics”
(Advisor:  Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Lily Frank
“Moral Motivation and the Authority of Morality: A Defense of Naturalist Moral Realism”
(Advisor:  Prof. Steven Cahn)

Cressida Gaukroger
“Conceptual Roles and Conceptual Explanation: How Internalism Can Provide Everything We Need From a Theory of Concepts, and Why Externalism Can't”
(Advisor:  Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Daniel Harris
“Speech Act Theoretic Semantics”
(Advisor:  Prof. Stephen Neale)

Geoffrey Holtzman
“Plurality & Arationality: Individual Differences and Dimensions of Dispute”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Romina Padro
“What the Tortoise Said to Kripke:  The Adoption Problem and the Epistemology of Logic”
(Advisor:  Prof. Michael Devitt)

Salas Sanchez-Bennasar
“An Account of Indeterminate Existence”
(Advisor:  Prof. Graham Priest)

Daniel Shargel
“Constitutively Embedded Emotions"
(Advisor:  Prof. Jesse Prinz) 

Yael Sofaer
"The Moral Philosophy of William Wollaston"
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

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Jacob Berger
“A Holistic Approach to Representationalism”
(Advisor:  Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Wesley Buckwalter
"Knowledge Ascription and Traditional Epistemology”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Timothy Czech
“On Dreaming”
(Advisor: Prof. Steven Cahn)

Jake Davis
“Acting Wide Awake: Attention and the Ethics of Emotion”
(Advisor:  Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Leonard Finkelman
“Systematics and the Selection of Species”
(Advisor:  Prof. Massimo Pigliucci)

Nathan Metzger
“Nature’s Goodness: An Aristotelian Account”
(Advisor:  Prof. Peter Simpson)

Lantz Miller
“Why Should One Reproduce? The Rationality and Morality of Human Reproduction”
(Advisor:  Prof. Carol Gould)

Myrto Mylopoulos
"The Nature of Agentive Awareness"
(Advisor: Prof. David Rosenthal)

Onyoung Oh
“Deflationary Theory of Truth and Meaning”
(Advisor: Prof. Paul Horwich)

Michael Schrynemakers
“God and Gratuitous Evil”
(Advisor:  Prof. Steven Cahn)

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Fletcher Maumus
“Singular Terms: Reference and Attribution”
(Advisor: Prof. Alex Orenstein)

Matias Bulnes
“Intentionality Without Intensionality”
(Prof. Michael Levin)

Laura DiSumma
"The Art of Telling About the Self: Memories in Literature and Film”
(Advisor: Prof. Noel Carroll)

Michel Klincewicz
"Time, Unity, and Conscious Experience”
(Advisor: Prof. David Rosenthal)

Graham Parsons
“More Important than Your Life: War, Individualism, and Justice”
(Advisor: Prof. Omar Dahbour)

George Seli
“The Causal Role of State Consciousness”
(Advisor: Prof. Barbara Montero)

Rosemary Twomey
“Aristotle on the Common-Sense and the Unity of Perception”
(Advisor: Prof. Iakovos Vasiliou)

John Wigglesworth
“Metaphysical Dependence and Set Theory”
(Advisor: Prof. Graham Priest)

Morgan Horowitz
“Marx’s Democratic Idea: Communism’s Relation to Liberal Theory”
(Advisor: Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Robert Merker
“Philanthropy Charting the Moral Terrain”
(Advisor: Prof. Steven Ross)

Jordan Pascoe
“Cosmopolitanism and Colonialism: Marriage, Race, and Kant’s Philosophy of Family”
(Advisor: Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Tobyn DeMarco
“The Metaphysics of Improvisation”
(Advisor: Prof. Nickolas Pappas)

Hidenori Kurokawa 
“Tableaux and Hypersequents for Modal and Justification Logics”
(Advisor: Prof. Sergei Artemov)

Jennifer Corns
“Pain is Not a Natural Kind”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

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Jonah Goldwater
“Physicalism, Substance, and the Shifting Locus of Fundamentality”
(Advisor: Prof. Barbara Montero)

David Pereplyotchik
“The Psychological Import of Syntactic Theory”
(Advisor: Prof. Michael Devitt)

Jean-David Lafrance
“Endurance and Multilocation”
(Advisor: Prof. Arnold Koslow)

Pierre Faye
“Teleosemantics: A Millikanian Treatment of the Intentional Content of Mental Representation”
(Advisor: Prof. Michael Devitt)

Ornaith O'Dowd
“The Responsibilities of Reason: Kant and Care”
(Advisor: Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Brian Robinson
“Meaning and Morality”
(Advisor: Prof. Stephen Neale)

Mark Alfano
“Factitious Virtue”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Chris Sula
"Moral Mental States: Four Methods in Metaethics"
(Advisor: Catherine Wilson)

Kris Kemtrup
“The Stratification of Nature”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Sergio Gallegos
“Essays on Identity: A Defense of Logical Orthodoxy”
(Advisor: Prof. Richard Mendelsohn)

Benjamin Young
“Olfaction: Smelling the Content of Consciousness”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Patrick Linden
“A Critique of Contemporary Nonnaturalist Moral Realism”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Gregg Caruso
“Fee Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will”
(Advisor: Prof. Michael Levin)

Rossen Ventzislavov
“The Language of Philosophy, A Critical Look Into the Language of Early Analytic Philosophy”
(Advisor: Prof. Nickolas Pappas)

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Felipe Amaral
“Referring and Describing: Three Essays on Definite Description and Complex Demonstratives”
(Advisor: Prof. Michael Devitt)

James Dow
“The I Needs the Other: An Interpersonal Account of Self-Consciousness”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Maria Brincker
“Moving Beyond Mirroring - A social affordance model of sensorimotor integration during action perception ”
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Kevin Murtagh
“A Defense of Corporal Punishment: A Humane Alternative to Incarceration”
(Advisor: Prof. John Kleinig)

John Farley
“Truth and Literature”
(Advisor: Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Ellen Fridland
“Perception and Skill: Theoretical Foundations for A Science of Perception”
(Advisor: Prof. David Rosenthal)

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Michael Collins
"The Nature and Implementation of Representation in Biological Systems"
(Advisor: Prof. Jesse Prinz)

Moti Mizrahi
"What is Scientific Progress?"
(Advisor: Prof. Catherine Wilson)

Ezra Fried
"Self-Determination and Moral Responsibility"
(Advisor: Prof. Peter Simpson)

Carl Hammer
"The Structure of Practical Rationality"
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

Damien Dupont
"Anger Et Cetera: Understanding The Emotions In Ethics"
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

Irene Caesar
"Why We Should Not Be Unhappy About Happiness Via Aristotle"
(Advisor: Prof. Peter Simpson)

Sinem Elkatip
"A Neo-Humean Bundle Theory: A Reductionist Account of Personal Identity, Consciousness, and Self-Concern"
(Advisor: Prof. Michael Levin)

Arnon Ben-David
"Three Essays on Bentham"
(Advisor: Prof. Douglas Lackey)

Jeremy Gwiazda
"Probability, Simplicity, and Infinity: A Critique of Richard Swinburne’s Argument for Theism"
(Advisor: Prof. Steven Cahn)

Phyllis Liang
"Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice"
(Advisor: Prof. Sibyl Schwarzenbach)

Chryssoula Gitsoulis
"A Critique of Saul Kripke's Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language"
(Advisor: Prof. Paul Horwich)

Hung-Tzu Yhan
"On The Phenomenal Character of Conscious Experiences"
(Advisor: Prof. David Rosenthal)

Peter Langland-Hassan
"The Representational Character of Imagination"
(Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Adler)


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Pierre Baumann
"Reference and Relevance"
(Advisor: Prof. Stephen Neale)

Richard Brown
"The Semantics of Moral Communication"
(Advisor: Prof. Stefan Baumrin)

James Hitt
"Emotion: Thought and Feeling"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal)

David Morrow
"Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances: An Essay in Moral Epistemology"
(Advisor: Prof. Catherine Wilson)

Mark Zelcer
"Against Mathematical Explanation"
(Advisor: Prof. Rohit Parikh)

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Vera Albrecht
"Between Being and Not-Being: Non-Existent Objects and the Intermediary in Plato, Frege, and Meinong"
(Advisor: Richard Mendelsohn; S. Cahn, F. Kirkland, N. Pappas, P. Simpson)

Bana Bashour
"Personal Identity and Responsibility"
(Advisor: John Greenwood; M. Levin, N. Pappas, R. Sorabji, C. Wilson)

Victor Crome
"Zeno's Paradoxes and the Passage of Time"
(Advisor: M. Levin)

Keota Fields
"Berkeley's Immaterialism: An Interpretation and Critique"
(Advisor: Steven Cahn; J. Greenwood, F. Kirkland, B. Montero, P. Simpson)

Nada Gligorov
"Eliminative Materialism and the Distinction between Common Sense and Science"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; J. Greenwood, B. Montero, A. Orenstein, G. Strawson)

Alan Grose
"Rawls, Democracy and the Problem of Stability"
(Advisor: Frank Kirkland; S. Cahn, O. Dahbour, V. Held, P. Smith)

Len Mitchell
"World Poverty and Moral Obligations"
(Advisor: Steven Cahn; W. J. Earle, B. Montero, S. Ross, P. Simpson)

Frank Pupa
"Ambiguous Articles: An Essay on the Theory of Descriptions"
(Advisor: Michael Devitt; A. Berger, R. Fiengo [Linguistics], S. Neale, D. Rosenthal)

Kenneth Shouler
"Are There Moral Obligations to Oneself?"
(Advisor: Stefan Baumrin; W. J. Earle, J. Greenwood, D. Lackey, R. Rhodes)

James Snyder
"Matter and Method in Marsilio Ficino's Platonic Theology"
(Advisor: Catherine Wilson; G. Press, E. Michael, P. Simpson, R. Sorabji)

Chris Steinsvold
"Topological Models of Belief Logics"
(Advisor: R. Parikh; R. Mendelsohn, M. Levin, Kit Fine (NYU), M. Fitting)

Andrei Zavaliy
"The Phenomenon of Amoralism: An Investigation of the Emotive and Cognitive Roots"
(Advisor: Douglas Lackey; S. Cahn, S. Ross, P. Simpson, C. Wilson)

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Russell Marcus
"Numbers Without Science"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; M. Devitt, Jody Azzouni (Tufts), E. Mendelson, A. Cordero)

Douglas B. Meehan
"The Qualitative Character of Spatial Perception"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; M. Davies, J. Adler, G. Strawson, B. Montero)

Fritz McDonald
"Truth and Moral Discourse"
(Advisor: Paul Horwich; S. Ross, M. Devitt, V. Held, C. Wilson)

Jeffrey Stephenson
"Mischief As a Virtue"
(Advisor: Michael Levin; N. Pappas, P. Simpson, T. Kasachkoff, J. Kleinig)

Christine M. Vitrano
"The Structure of Happiness"
(Advisor: Steven Cahn; J. Greenwood, T. Kasachkoff, F. Purnell, E. Michael)

Josh Weisberg
"The Problem of Consciousness: Mental Appearance and Mental Reality"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; M. Devitt, D. Lackey, M. Levin, B. Montero)

Julie Zilberberg
"The Ethics of Sex Selection"
(Advisor: Virginia Held; J. Kleinig, P. Smith, A. Donchin, S. Schwarzenbach)

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Leonidas Bouritsas
"A Paradox of Freedom and the Old Rivalry Between Philosophy and Politics"
(Advisor: Steven Cahn; N. Pappas, S. Schwarzenbach, F. Kirkland, V. Held)

Carrie Figdor
"Externalism and the Causal Efficacy of Content"
(Advisor: Michael Devitt; J. Greenwood, D. Rosenthal, A. Cordero, M. Davies)

Rick Repetti
"The Metacausal Theory of Autonomy"
(Advisor: Michael Levin; J. Greenwood, S. Grover, G. Strawson, H. Frankfurt (Princeton))

William Seeley
"The Neurophysiology of Aesthetic Experience: Three Case Studies"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal)

Dena Shottenkirk
"The Effects of Nelson Goodman's Nominalism on His Aesthetics"
(Advisor: Frederick Purnell; E. Michael, F. Kirkland, V. Held, S. Grover)

Jami Weinstein
"Returning to the Level of the Skin and Beyond: A Techno-Zoontology"
(Advisor: Sibyl Schwarzenbach; C. Acampora, S. Aronowitz, P. Clough, J. Stambaugh)

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Maureen Eckert
"In Pursuit of Piety: A Translation and Interpretation of Plato's Euthyphro"
(Advisor: Steven Cahn; N. Pappas, F. Purnell, W. Earle, P. Smith)

William Fisk
"Strange Mutations, A Defense of Temporal Neutrality"
(Advisor: Douglas Lackey; S. Baumrin, W. Earle, V. Held, R. Rhodes)

Reese Heitner
"From a Phono-Logical Point of View"
(Advisor: Michael Levin; H. Cairns, (Linguistics, GC) , P. Horwich, J. Adler, C. Verheggen)

Yvonne Raley
"On Ontology"
(Advisor: Arnold Koslow; J. Adler, M. Devitt, J. Greenwood, C. Verheggen)

Mehul Shah
"Why Can't There Be A Logic of Discovery"
(Advisor: John Greenwood; J. Adler, M. Levin; C. Landesman; A. Koslow)

Mark Sheehan
"The Metaphysics of Judgments of Obligation"
(Advisor: Stefan Baumrin; S. Blackburn, J. Adler, R. Rhodes, D. Rosenthal)

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Joseph Biehl
"Immoral Psychology: The Cognitivist's Conundrum"
(Advisor: Stefan Baumrin; S. Cahn, S. Blackburn, P. Smith, J. Greenwood)

Dien Ho
"Theorizing the World: How Explanations Reveal Reality"
(Advisor: Arnold Koslow; J. Adler, J. Kim, A. Collins, J. Greenwood)

Mark McEvoy
"Relying on Reason: A Reliabilist Account of A Priori Mathematical Knowledge"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; M. Devitt, M. Levin, A. Orenstein, P. Kitcher)

Roblin Meeks
"Identifying the First-Person"
(Advisor: David Rosenthal; J. Adler, J. Greenwood, S. Grover, M. Levin)

Michael Menser
"On the Evolutionary Significance of Developmental Constraints"
(Advisor: Frederick Purnell; J. Greenwood, M. Levin, J. Adler, K. Schwenk)

Nachum Turetzky
"Establishing Democratic Welfare Standards"
(Advisor: Stefan Baumrin; D. Rosenthal, P. Simpson, P. Smith, R. Rhodes)

Elly Vintiadis
"Teaching Differences: An Explication and Defense of Wittgenstein's On Certainty"
(Advisor: Michael Levin; P. Horwich, C. Landesman, S. Grover, C. Verheggen)

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