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Faculty Book: Stanley A. Renshon

Stanley A. Renshon

One America? Political Leadership, National Identity, and the Dilemmas of Diversity
(Georgetown University Press, 2001; 406 pp.)

book cover imageInfluxes of immigrants constantly change America's demographic makeup, and as new arrivals from various locations have flooded in, the diversity of co-existing cultures has expanded dramatically. This shifting of the racial map is forcing America to question some of its centuries-old beliefs, with the result that individual and group rights are changing—sometimes being attacked—while political leaders generally refuse to bring this issue to the forefront of their agendas. The contributors to One America? focus on the role of American political leadership in an increasingly fragmented, and frictional, society. Renshon writes in his introduction that this moment in our history is the most challenging in terms of national identity since the Civil War, but rather than pitting "commerce against agriculture, urban centers against rural traditions, and North against South," the "new danger lies in conflicts between people of different racial, cultural and ethnic heritages." Stanley A. Renshon is professor of political science at The Graduate Center.
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Submitted on: SEP 1, 2001

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science