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Professional Development

Immediately below are several professional development topics, each with brief citations to recommended resources. The full citations for all these resources, with links to web resources and the call numbers of books held by the Graduate Center Library, are listed further down under “Professional Development Bibliography.”

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate studies and relationships with mentors (Goldsmith 2001; Peters 1997)
  • Designing, researching, and writing theses and dissertations (Booth 2003; Van Evera 1997)
  • Human subjects research (CUNY GC Office of Research and Sponsored Programs website)
  • Financial aid and research grants (APSA website; Chronicle of Higher Education website; Cornell University Graduate School website; Duke University Office of Research Support website; Foundation Center website; Hamel et al 2002; Princeton Review 2004). See also the photocopied list in the Department lounge.
  • Writing research grant applications (Foundation Center website; Geever and McNeill 1997; Przeworski and Salomon 1995)

Teaching, Publishing, and Jobs

  • Teaching methods (Bain 2004; Brinkley et al. 1999; Filene 2005; Tice 2005)Publishing in journals (Johnson 1991)
  • Revising and publishing dissertations (Germano 2005; Myers 2004)
  • Academic job market strategies and advice (Chronicle of Higher Education website; Goldsmith 2001; Heiberger and Vick 2001; Nerad 2003; Penn Career Services website)
  • Non-academic job opportunities and advice (Basalla and Debelius 2001; Nerad 2003; Newhouse 1998; Penn Career Services website)
  • Special topics (Chronicle of Higher Education website).

Professional Development Bibliography and Links

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