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Thomas G. Weiss
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center
Research Interests: international organizations

Prof. Weiss has written extensively about international organization, conflict management, peacekeeping, humanitarian action, North-South relations and U.S. foreign policy. He is currently writing Thinking about Global Governance: People and Ideas Matter; Humanitarianism Contested: Where Angels Fear to Tread; and editing, The Responsibility to Protect: Cultural Perspectives in the Global South. He has authored or edited: Global Governance and the UN: An Unfinished History (co-author, 2010) The United Nations and Changing World Politics, (co-author 2010, 6th ed.) The United Nations and Nuclear Order (co-editor, 2009); UN Ideas that Changed the World (co-editor, 2009); What's Wrong with the United Nation and How to Fix It (author, 2009); Humanitarianism in Question: Politics, Power, Ethics (co-editor, 2008); The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations (co-editor, 2007); Humanitarian Intervention: Ideas in Action (author, 2007); The United Nations and Changing World Politics (co-author, 2007, 5th ed.); Sword & Salve: Confronting New Wars and Humanitarian Crises (co-author, 2006); Internal Displacement: Conceptualization and its Consequences (co-author, 2006); UN Voices: The Struggle for Development and Social Justice (co-author, 2005, AAUP Public Library Selection ); Military-Civilian Interactions: Humanitarian Crises and the Responsibility to Protect (author, 2005, 2nd ed.); Terrorism and the UN: Before and After September 11 (co-editor, 2004); Wars on Terrorism and Iraq: Human Rights, Unilateralism, and U.S. Foreign Policy (co-editor, 2004); Ahead of the Curve? UN Ideas and Global Challenges (co-author, 2001, Choices "Outstanding Academic Title of 2003"); The Responsibility To Protect: Research, Bibliography, and Background (co-author, 2001); Guide to IGOs, NGOs, and the Military in Peace and Relief Operations (co-author, 2001); Humanitarian Challenges and Intervention (co-author, 2000, 2nd ed.); Beyond UN Subcontracting: Task-sharing with Regional Security Arrangements and Service-Providing NGOs (editor, 1998); Collective Conflict Management and Changing World Politics (co-editor, 1998); Political Gain and Civilian Pain: Humanitarian Impacts of Economic Sanctions (co-editor, 1997); News Media, Civil War, and Humanitarian Action (co-author, 1996); NGOs, the UN, and Global Governance (co-editor, 1996); Volunteers Against Conflict (co-editor, 1996); From Massacres to Genocide: The Media, Public Policy, and Humanitarian Crises (co-editor, 1996); Mercy Under Fire: War and the Global Humanitarian Community (co-author, 1995); The United Nations and Civil Wars (editor, 1995); Humanitarian Politics (co-author, 1995); Humanitarianism Across Borders: Sustaining Civilians in Times of War (co-editor, 1993); Humanitarian Action in Times of War: A Handbook for Practitioners (co-author, 1993); Collective Security in a Changing World (editor, 1993); The Suffering Grass: Superpowers and Regional Conflict in Southern Africa and the Caribbean (co-editor, 1992); Third World Security in the Post-Cold War Era (co-editor, 1991); Peacekeepers, Soldiers and Disasters (co-editor, 1991); Humanitarianism Under Siege (co-author, 1990); Soldiers with a Difference (co-author, 1990); Humanitarian Emergencies and Military Help in Africa (editor, 1990); Multilateral Development Diplomacy in UNCTAD (author, 1986); The Nature of United Nations Bureaucracies (co-editor, 1985); More for the Least? Prospects for Poorest Countries in the Eighties (co-author, 1983); The Challenge of Development in the Eighties (co-editor, 1983); The World Food Conference and Global Problem Solving (co-author, 1976); and International Bureaucracy (author, 1975). Articles include those in Foreign Policy, Current History, The Washington Quarterly, Ethics & International Affairs, Security Studies, Disasters, World Policy Journal, Survival, Third World Quarterly, World Development, International Affairs, World Politics, International Peacekeeping, Journal of Peace Research, Contemporary Security Policy, Security Dialogue, Journal of Human Rights, Global Social Policy, Canadian Journal of Foreign Policy, International Relations, Development and Change, Forum for Development Studies, and Global Governance. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute for Strategic Studies, and International Studies Association, he currently is editor of two book series, "Global Institutions" (Routledge) and "UN Intellectual History" (Indiana) and serves on eight editorial boards (Third World Quarterly, Intervention and State-Building, Global Governance, Global Responsibility to Protect, International Peacekeeping, Genocide Studies and Prevention, Journal of Global Social Policy, and Great Decisions).