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Faculty Book: Laurie Schneider Adams

Maria Grazia Pernis and Laurie Schneider Adams, eds.

L'Aquila e l'elefante: Federico da Montefeltro e Sigismondo Malatesta Italian trans. Moreno Neri of Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Malatesta: the Eagle and the Elephant
(Peter Lang, 1996; paperback, 2002; Rafaelle, Rimini, 2006)

bookcoverThis book, an interdisciplinary study of two Renaissance princes, addresses the struggle between Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and how it affected their patronage of arts and letters. While each vied for political, economic, and artistic predominance over the other, they were supported by young and talented wives. The humanistic Pope Pius II played a fundamental role in their struggle for power. Laurie Schneider Adams is a professor of art history at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: FEB 1, 1997

Category: Art History | Faculty Books