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Faculty Book: Ruth O'Brien

Ruth O’Brien, ed.

Voices from the Edge: Narratives about the Americans with Disabilities Act
(Oxford University Press, 2004)

OBrienThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made working, traveling, and communicating easier for many individuals, but what recourse do individuals have when enforcement of the law is ambiguous or virtually nonexistent? Voices from the Edge seeks to challenge the mindset of those who would deny equal protection to the disabled, while providing informative analysis of the intent and application of the ADA for those who wish to learn more about disability rights. Giving voice to the many types of discrimination the disabled face—at a small Southern college, in the Library of Congress, on a New York City sidewalk—while illustrating the personal stakes underlying legal disputes over the ADA, this collection offers unparalleled insight into the lives behind the law. Ruth O’Brien is a professor of political science and American studies at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JAN 15, 2004

Category: American Studies | Faculty Books | Political Science