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Faculty Book: Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant and Robert Fisher

Settlement Houses Under Siege
(Columbia University Press, 2001; 289 pp.)

book cover image Fabricant and Fisher assess the status of the community-based social service institution called the "settlement house"—viewed by some as an artifact from the Progressive era and by others as a vital instrument capable of strengthening the social capital of impoverished communities. Cutbacks in government aid during the late 90s along with the trend toward privatization left many nonprofit community organizations in untenable positions. Drawing on over a hundred interviews with house directors and staff members in New York City, the volume offers a holistic, ground-level assessment of the status of social service agencies in a conservative age, and asks frank, important questions about our broader civic life. Michael B. Fabricant is professor of social welfare at Hunter College and executive officer of The Graduate Center's social welfare program; Robert Fisher is director of urban studies and professor of social work at the University of Connecticut.
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Submitted on: DEC 15, 2001

Category: Faculty Books | Social Welfare