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Faculty Book: Jock Young

Jock Young

The Exclusive Society: Social Exclusion, Crime and Difference in Late Modernity, Japanese edition
(Sage Publications Ltd., 1999 (English edition))
(Rakuhoku-Shuppan, Kyoto-City, 2007)

First published in English in 1999 and now available in Japanese, this major work, which Zygmunt Bauman calls a ‘tour de force of breathtaking erudition and clarity’, charts the movement of the social fabric in the last third of the twentieth century from an inclusive society of stability and homogeneity to an exclusive society of change and division. Exclusion is explored on three levels: economic exclusion from the labor market; social exclusion between people in civil society; and the ever-expanding exclusionary activities of the criminal justice system. The author, one of the foremost criminologists of our time, takes account of the massive dramatic structural and cultural changes that have beset our society and relates these to the quantum leap in crime and incivilities. He develops a major new theory based on a new citizenship and a reflexive modernity. Jock Young is a distinguished professor of criminal justice at John Jay College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 1, 2007

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books