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Faculty Book: Todd R. Clear

Todd R. Clear and David R. Karp, editors

What is Community Justice
(Sage Publications, 2002; 193 pp.)

book cover image Traditional methods of probation and parole supervision have relied on "case workers" who observe their clients as closely as they can, but as the number of "clients" increases, studies show, present-day methods are proving ineffective. Todd R. Clear (distinguished professor of criminal justice at John Jay College and The Graduate Center) and David R. Karp (assistant professor of sociology at Skidmore College and editor of Community Justice: An Emerging Field) address specific ways to rethink community supervision by presenting six case studies of probation programs that represent a practical side of the community justice ideal. This book presents a provocative, engaging new approach to probation and parole models.

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Submitted on: JAN 28, 2002

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Political Science