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Faculty Book: Marilyn Gittell, ed.

Sophie Body-Gendrot and Marilyn Gittell, editors

Social Capital and Social Citizenship
(Lexington Books, 2003; 188 pp.)

The fall of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the welfare state, changes in immigration patterns, and the rise of economic globalism have led to debate on what it means to be a citizen. Social Capital and Social Citizenship brings together essays from Europe, North America, and South Africa that discuss the following issues: What is social capital? How can social capital be used to protect the rights of marginalized populations, such as women, racial minorities, immigrants, and the urban poor? Can voluntary associations step in where the state has failed? Can social capital lead to social change?  Marilyn Gittell is professor of political science at The Graduate Center and director of the Howard Samuels State Management and Policy Center. Sophie Body-Gendrot is professor of political science and American studies at the Sorbonne and Institut d'Etude Polytechniques, Paris.

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Submitted on: FEB 4, 2003

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science