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Faculty Book: Howard Lentner

Howard Lentner

Power and Politics in Globalization: The Indispensable State
(Routledge, 2004; 256 pp)

Challenging the conventional view that globalization embodies a new and inexorable process, Howard Lentner analyzes the political foundations and choices involved in contemporary arrangements in the world. Rather than treating politics as a battleground for control over an unpredictable future, this book explains the historical backdrop and processes through which the modern world has arrived at its current state. Lentner presents a view that emphasizes continuity with the past, while still acknowledging what is new in the present. Invoking many examples throughout, Power and Politics in Globalization supports its theoretical analysis with an extended case study of Malaysia. Lentner is a professor of political science at The Graduate Center and Baruch College.

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Submitted on: DEC 30, 2004

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science