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Deborah Vietze
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York|Graduate Center
Phone: GC: 212-817-8713/City College: 212-650-5690
Room Number: GC: 6304.10/City College: NAC 7/322
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph. D, Columbia University, M.S. University of Southern California
Training Area: Developmental Psychology
Research Interests: Understanding and preventing racism and prejudice; cultural and ethnic identity; romantic experiences of young women; Service: Promoting the health and welfare of children and youth; Teaching and mentoring: Engaging students in diverse processes to strengthen the skills required to engage in scientific and logical scholarship that promotes their professional goals.
Selected Publications:

Jones, J. M., Dovidio, J. F. & Vietze, D. L. (2013). The psychology of diversity: Beyond prejudice and racism. West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.
        Vietze, D. (2011). Social networks. In B.Brown & M.J. Prinstein (Eds). Encyclopedia of Adolescence.  London: Elsevier.
         Quintana, S. (others) & Vietze, D.L. (2006).  Race, ethnicity and culture in Child Development:  Contemporary research and future directions.  Child Development, 77 (5), 1129-1141. (Co-editor for special issue on race, ethnicity, and culture in child development.)
          Battle, J. &  Coates (now Vietze), D.L. (2004).  Achievement outcomes for African American girls: Mother-only and father-only single parent family configurations as predictors from twelfth grade to two-years post high school.  Journal of Negro Education. 73, 392-407
          Feiring, C., Coates, D. (now Vietze, D.) & Taska, L.  (2001).  Ethnic status, stigmatization, support, and symptom development following sexual abuse. Journal of Interpersonal Violence16, 1307- 1329.
          Vietze, D. L., Kinney, B.A., & Vietze, P. M. (under contract). Human Development for Helping Professionals. Springer, forthcoming 2017.