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Irvin Sam Schonfeld
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York
Phone: 212.650.7164
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Research Interests: Occupational Health Psychology; Applied Statistics/ Qualitative Research; Psychopathology and Aggression in Youth
My research interests have evolved over time. Before I pursued a Ph.D., I was a mathematics teacher; that experience influenced my initial and later research interests, but in different ways. As I pursued a doctorate, I developed an interest in children’s mathematical cognition, which led me to explore Piaget’s theory of functions and correspondences, and its relation to Cattell and Horn’s theory of fluid and crystallized abilities. After obtaining a position in a psychiatry department, I became interested in the relation of neurological soft signs to anxiety disorders, affective illness, inattention, and IQ.

I also obtained a post-doctoral fellowship in epidemiology. In this context I became interested in research on stress. Having been a teacher, I had an insider’s knowledge of schools, and began to examine the relation of workplace stressors to depression and morale in teachers.

Because I was a mathematics teacher, I have had an interest in statistical methods, and had become heavily dependent on quantitative methods for my research. In recent years, however, I discovered qualitative research methods, and have written about their utility.