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Jaihyun Park
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: Baruch College
Phone: 646.312.3806
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., Yale University
Training Area: Basic and Applied Social Psychology
Research Interests: Social Cognition (Stereotyping and Prejudice, Emotion and Cognition; Psychology and Law (Jury Decision Making)

Dr. Park has been interested in several research areas in social psychology. Among others, he has conducted a program of research on (a) stereotyping and prejudice, (b) jury decision-making, and (c) cultural psychology. More specifically, Dr. Park has been interested in investigating the mental process and representations that affect social judgment and behavior, with a focus on the implicit and unconscious ways in which social category information influences human judgment and behavior. He has also conducted research on cognitive, affective, and motivational factors that might affect jurors’ legal decision making in courtroom. Lastly, he is also interested in exploring the impact that culture can have on shaping the self and characterizing its behavior.

Dr. Park has been teaching undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral level courses on psychology and culture, psychology and law, statistics, psychometrics, and research methods.