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John D. Greenwood
Position: Professor
Office Hours: 212-817-8617
Degrees/Diplomas: D.Phil, Oxford University
Training Area: Clinical Psychology @ City College
Research Interests: History of Psychology, Social Psychology, Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Social and Psychological Science
John D Greenwood was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford, and has taught in philosophy and psychology departments in London, Singapore, North Carolina, and New York, where he is currently Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. From 2002-2008 he was Executive Officer of the PhD Program at the Graduate Center. He is the author of Explanation and Experiment in Social Psychological Science (Springer-Verlag, 1989), Relations and Representations (Routledge, 1991), Realism, Identity and Emotion (Sage, 1994), The Disappearance of the Social in American Social Psychology (Cambridge University Press, 2004) and A Conceptual History of Psychology (McGraw-Hill, 2009). He is editor of The Future of Folk Psychology: Intentionality and Cognitive Science (Cambridge University Press, 1991) and The Mark of the Social: Discovery or Invention? (Rowman & Littlefield,1997). He is the author of numerous journal articles and reviews and associate editor of the Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior. His current research interests are moral psychology, history of psychology, and the social dimensions of psychology.