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Lana B. Karasik
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island|Graduate Center
Phone: 718-982-3778
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., New York University
Training Area: Cognitive and Comparative Psychology (CCP)|Developmental Psychology
Research Interests: Culture and infant development, perceptual-motor development, social-cognitive development, parenting
Dr. Karasik studies the development of infants across multiple domains including perceptual-motor and social-cognitive with a focus on culture and context. Through naturalistic and experimental investigations, she examines how infants’ emerging motor skills offer new opportunities to explore and navigate their surroundings, engage with people, and use social information to make decisions about action. Reciprocally, Dr. Karasik examines how caregivers modify their expectations and behaviors as a result of their infants’ changing skills. Finally, Dr. Karasik considers the role of culture and context in shaping parents’ beliefs and practices thereby altering children’s developmental pathways.