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Michael Leippe
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Phone: 646.557.4626
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, MA, Psychology, The Ohio State University
Training Area: Psychology and Law
Research Interests: Attitude change; Cognitive dissonance; Psychology and Law, including social influences on eyewitness confidence and memory, and motivational factors in jurors’ trial processing

Mike Leippe studies social influence and attitudes in several forms, including persuasion and self-justification (cognitive dissonance) processes involved in changes in attitudes, self-concept, and prejudice. In psychology-and-law, he is interested in social influences on eyewitness memory and confidence, and in motivational and cognitive factors in jurors’ processing of trial information. Among his current research endeavors, Professor Leippe is studying how motivational and cognitive biases associated with social and self-identity, values, and implicit and explicit prejudice affect juror decisions. Prior to coming to CUNY, Professor Leippe held faculty positions at St. Norbert College, Adelphi University, Saint Louis University, and Illinois State University, serving as department chair at the latter two institutions. He has received funding from the National Science Foundation, is co-author with Phil Zimbardo of The Psychology of Attitude Change and Social Influence, and is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.