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Roger Hart
Position: Professor
Phone: 212-817-1887
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph. D., Clark University
Training Area: Environmental Psychology
Research Interests: Children's Development and the Quality of the Physical Environment; The Participatory Development of Communities

Roger Hart is Professor of Environmental Psychology and Earth and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Center for Human Environments and the Children's Environments Research Group at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York ( There are two broad strands to his work. The first is a critical engagement with environmental policy-making, planning and design through research with children, particularly those living in difficult circumstances.  The second is a concern with children’s right to be heard regarding their own development and the development of their communities. This has led to the design of new ways of listening to children and of involving children in the governance of their communities and institutions. He has collaborated in many countries with international NGO’s and UNICEF and has published books in numerous languages.

Director of the Children’s Environments Research Group