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Suzanne Ouellette
Position: Professor Emeritus
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, Psychology, The University of Chicago
Training Area: Critical Social/Personality Psychology
Research Interests: Personality
Dr. Ouellette's research interests focus on personality understood not as static, genetically set traits; but rather stances toward self and world that are constantly changing as individuals live their lives in complex social, political, and cultural settings. Her life study research brings Dr. Ouellette to contexts like community based HIV/AIDS organizations, radiation clinics, artists’ studios, and public and private gardens. In all, she wants to practice what Henry Murray called a "bent of empathy and curiosity toward all profound experiences of individual men and women." Through work with students, at the borders of the social sciences and the humanities, Dr. Ouellette seek to build a Critical and Liberatory Personality Psychology. Now emeritus, Dr. Ouellette continues to work with current and former students and research colleagues to do scholarly writing. Her primary commitment is currently to art and painting. Dr. Ouellette's website presents examples of her current work and the ways she has merged the worlds of academic psychology and art.

Affiliations:: GMHC, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Columbia School of Public Health