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Timothy M. Ellmore
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: City College of New York
Phone: 212 650 5714
Degrees/Diplomas: The University of Arizona, PhD
Training Area: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
Research Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
Research Focus: Neuroscience
Dr. Ellmore earned his doctorate studying associative learning and memory retrieval in the Cognition and Neural Systems Program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship studying language lateralization at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, followed by an appointment as research assistant professor position there studying working memory using a combination of intracranial EEG and fMRI. He is now Associate Professor of Psychology and head of the Memory and Cognition Lab at The City College of New York. His research focus is the cognitive neuroscience of memory, with an emphasis on the interaction between working memory and long-term memory systems. His methodological approach in healthy subjects includes combining the techniques of functional and diffusion MRI and EEG. A component of his research is patient-based, and he has published studies of brain structure and function in epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, autism, sleep disorders, and stroke. Dr. Ellmore’s research program adds a unique component to the BCN program by bridging basic and clinical approaches to understanding the neural substrates of memory.