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Emeritus Faculty

The following former members of the Doctoral Faculty in Psychology are retired from CUNY, and now hold the position of Faculty Emeritus.  A number of them continue to be involved in the program.

John Antrobus
Sleep Disorder
David J. Bearison
Children's cognitive, social, and emotional development
Joan Borod
Clinical Psychology, Emotion; Aging
Bruce Brown
Pavlovian Conditioning; Timing and Temporal Control
Joyce F. Brown
William Cross
Leading theorists and researchers on black identity development in particular, and racial-ethnic identity development in general.
Kay Deaux
Immigration, Social Psychology
Florence L. Denmark
Psychology of women
Diana Diamond
Manualized Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders (Borderline and Narcissistic Disorder); Attachment and Sexuality.
Howard Ehrlichman
Cognitive Neuroscience; Personality
Lanny Fields
Behavior Analysis, Concept Formation; Categorization
Andreson Franklin
Resilience and psychological well-being of African Americans
Joan Greenbaum
Computers and the Workplace
Edwin P. Hollander
Leadership-Followership; Social and Organizational Psychology
Frances Degen Horowitz
Infant Behavior and Development, Developmental Theories, The Gifted, High Risk Development
Charles Kadushin
Social network
Irwin Katz
Social Personality Psychology
Joel Lefkowitz
Professional Ethics in Applied Psychology, Employee Selection, Employment discrimination
Thomas Litwack
Mental Health Law; Violence Risk Assessments
Katherine Nelson
Maureen O'Connor
Psychology and Law; Gender
Suzanne Ouellette
David Owen
Human Behavior Genetics and Abnormal Psychology; Testing and Measurement
Susan Oyama
Evolutionary Developmental Psychology
Vera Paster
Claire L. Poulson
Behavior Analysis; Language Development
Walter Reichman
Walter Ritter
Leanne Rivlin
Life of Public Spaces, the Pressing issues of Homelessness; Research Ethics and to Address the Practical and Ethical Concerns Raised by Environmental Social Science Field Research; Sociospatial Conflict at All Scale
Herbert Saltzstein
Moral development and culture; children’s eyewitness testimony, parent-child relations across cultures
Anthony Sclafani
Neurobiology of appetite, food preferences and obesity, carbohydrate and fat taste receptors in mouth, nutrient sensors in gut, learned food preferences
Sandra Shapiro
Arietta Slade
Gary Winkel
Environmental Psychology; Health Psychology