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GC Psychology Room Reservations

To book a space on the 6th floor in Psychology at the Graduate Center, please follow these steps:

1) Send your request with title and date/ time of your event in the subject line of the email to:

2)  At the time of the request the following information should be included in your email:

Date of event: (both in your subject line and in the email)
Time of event: (start and finish times)
Name of event:
Training Area/Committee/Person sponsoring the event:
Person responsible for the event:
(name, title, phone, GC/CUNY email)
Number of expected attendees:
Desired location if applicable:
(we will assign appropriate space and try to honor requests)

Below is a description of the spaces we have available on the 6th floor:
6304.01 - Our largest space

Fits about 70 people.  Mostly used for large meetings/constituencies/events such as conferences, lectures, meetings, seminars, symposiums, etc.  This is the big room when we enter the Program’s space.  This space is pre-set with a laptop and 2 monitors, each projecting on a different wall.  It has about 70 chairs and about 7 tables in it.
6304.02 - The 'Thesis' room. 

The room is mostly used for dissertation defenses, first and second doctoral exams, dissertation proposals, committee meetings, etc. It has 2 large tables and chairs for up to about 8-15 people. This room is next to the large room, 6304.01.  This space is pre-set and has a computer hooked up to a large TV for presentations.
Reserving GC Spaces Outside of Our 6th Floor:
To book space within the Graduate Center, and not on the 6th floor in Psychology, you will send an email and initiate your request through

Note: groups affiliated with the Center for Human Environments (CHE) should contact Jared Becker, Managing Director of CHE, for room reservations outside of the 6th floor.

Please note that due to State Budgetary Restrictions the GC has not been open for any internal weekend events, conferences, lectures, meetings, concerts, workshops, seminars, symposiums, etc. since 2008.  We ask that you plan your events accordingly as no reservation requests for weekends and holidays will be accepted.