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Dr. Robert Hatcher Receives APA Presidential Citation from current APA President Nadine Kaslow

Dr. Robert Hatcher received APA Presidential Citation from current APA President Nadine Kaslow at the Association of Psychology Training Clinics meeting in Florida “for his incredible leadership in competency-based education and practicum training and extraordinary dedication to training future generations of psychologists.”

“Dr. Hatcher has been a pivotal figure in advancing predoctoral education through his academic and professional appointments, scholarly, work, and leadership in professional organizations. He has successfully advocated for collaboration between varied organizations committed to training, chairing the first joint meeting of all major psychology training councils.  One of the most impactful contributions to the Association of Psychology Training Clinics, he has served in multiple roles including president.  Through this participation, he has advanced predoctoral training standards and practicum competencies and has thoughtfully addressed the internship supply imbalance.  He has made impressive and substantial contributions to identifying competency benchmarks at the predoctoral practicum level, operationalizing the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to prepare students for internship. Recognized for his kind, soft-spoken manner, Dr. Hatcher is an inspiring, devoted, and generous leader who has made enduring and exemplary contributions to contemporary psychology education and training.”

Submitted on: MAR 11, 2014

Category: Psychology