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Two Doctoral Students from Health Psychology & Clinical Science received Honors

It is with a great pleasure to share the news that two of our HPCS Doctoral students have recently received honors. Please help us congratulate them on their wonderful achievements.

Ray Moody

Ray Moody, MA (4th year student in HPCS) has received an NIH Grant for Drug Abuse Dissertation Research (R36) from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Ray’s dissertation, The Role of Attentional Processes in the Associations between Syndemics and HIV Risk investigates the role of emotion regulation and attentional control  as linking mechanisms of several known HIV risk factors (also known as syndemics). 

Emanuel (Mani) Garcia-Lesy

"Emanuel (Mani) Garcia-Lesy, MA (5th year student in HPCS) ) has been selected to be part of the Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development. This is a year-long online program to provide graduate students with opportunities for mentoring, peer support and networking; to develop skills important for career advancement; and to contribute to their communities through science outreach. Mr. Garcia-Lesy’s advisor is Dr. Regina Miranda."

Submitted on: DEC 14, 2016

Category: Psychology