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Faculty Book: David C. Brotherton and Michael Flynn, eds.

David C. Brotherton and Michael Flynn, eds.

Globalizing the Streets: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Youth, Social Control and Empowerment
(Columbia University Press, 2008)

Not since the cultural and economic rebellions of the 1960s have the activities of resistance among lower- and working- class youth caused such anxiety in the international community. Adopting the vantage point of those whose struggle for dignity, social solidarity, self-respect, and survival takes place in the criminalized, or marginalized, spaces in which they live, the contributors to this volume examine the struggle for identity and interdependence of these youth; their clashes with law enforcement and criminal codes; their fight for social, political, and cultural capital; and their efforts to achieve recognition and empowerment. These essays contextualize and humanize the seemingly senseless actions of these youths, who make visible the class contradictions, social exclusion, and rituals of psychological humiliation that permeate their everyday lives. Michael Flynn is associate director of the Center on Terrorism at John Jay College and associate professor of psychology at York College, CUNY. David C. Brotherton is a professor of criminal justice, sociology, and urban education at the Graduate Center and John Jay College.

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Submitted on: JUN 3, 2008

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Psychology | Sociology | Urban Education