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Faculty Book: Colette Daiute

Colette Daiute, Zeynep F. Beykont, Craig Higson-Smith and Larry Nucci, editors

International perspectives on youth conflict and development
(Oxford University Press, 2006)

bookcoverThe essays in this volume discuss the social, political, and economic contexts of youth conflict across fourteen countries on seven continents. Distinguished contributors from around the world draw on research and interventions to describe young people's participation in armed conflict, fighting, and social exclusion from the time they enter the public sphere to adulthood, as defined in their local environments. Case studies include children in Africa, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, China, the United States, Germany, and Korea. The volume aims to shift the foundation of youth conflict study from the more typical focus on maturation, behavior, and personality to a characterization of youth as participants in society. It also expands the analysis of youth development to include societal problems such as political instability, unequal access to material resources, racism, and social injustice. This groundbreaking, international compilation describes processes of a violent world rather than of violent youth. Colette Daiute is a professor of psychology and urban education at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 30, 2006

Category: Faculty Books | Psychology