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Faculty Book: William Kornblum

William Kornblum and Joseph Julien

Social Problems, 13th edition
(Prentice Hall, 2008)

Written by a respected scholar in the field, this authoritative and very accessible text offers students a contemporary introduction to social problems by introducing the major trends and future outlook for each social problem. Social policies devised to address social problems—and their consequences—are examined in depth by presenting the key research conducted to examine, explain, and alleviate today’s social problems. The text takes the discussion of social problems one step further by looking at each problem from a global perspective. New features of this revised and updated thirteenth edition include a discussion of the “culture war”; a current controversies box on the Virginia Tech massacre; expanded discussions of the effects of crowding and military duty on mental health; and sections on identity theft, political discrimination—including felony disenfranchisement and anti-voter fraud campaigns, shelter poverty and homelessness, abstinence-only programs, modes of entry for illegal immigrants, immigration reform, and patterns of global terrorism. William Kornblum is a professor of psychology and sociology at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: FEB 11, 2008

Category: Psychology | Sociology