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Faculty and Former Student Research Featured in NYT

Two studies, one by Michelle Fine (Dist. Prof., GC, Psychology, Urban Education) and another by Dr. Fine and GC alumna Sara McClelland (Psychology, 2009), were featured in Laurie Abraham’s article "Teaching Good Sex," New York Times online , November 16, and in print, NYT Sunday Magazine, November 20. Abraham refers to Dr. Fine's “Sexuality, Schooling and Adolescent Females: The Missing Discourse of Desire," Harvard Educational Review (Spring, 1988) and Fine and McClelland's "Sexuality Education and Desire: Still Missing after All These Years," Harvard Educational Review (Fall, 2006). McClelland, who was a doctoral student at the time of the 2006 article, is now an assistant professor of psychology and women's studies and a postdoc at the University of Michigan. To read the article online, visit:,online.

Submitted on: NOV 17, 2011

Category: Psychology | Social Personality | Urban Education