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Graduate Center Students, Faculty, and Alumni Take the Stage at the 2016 Eastern Psychological Association Conference

The CUNY community’s excellence was exemplified yet again at the 2016 Eastern Psychological Association Conference, where Graduate Center students, faculty, and alumni from the PhD Program in Psychology, the PhD program in Educational Psychology, and the CUNY Baccalaureate program presented original research in a wide range of areas in psychology including auditory and visual information, literacy, neurocognition, intimate relationships, learning methods, anxiety disorders, self-perception, gender, religion, climate change, statistical analysis, applied social psychology, adolescence, competitiveness, food choices, learning disorders, and more. 
Featured on the final morning was a symposium on student-centered pedagogy, held by a number of people from the graduate student teaching association.


Photo by Rose Jimenez, Graduate Center MALS alum.  Pictured: Presenter Celeste Sangiorgio, Alum—CUNY Baccalaureate program for Unique and Interdisciplinary studies, current Clinical Psychology PhD Student at St. John's University.

This meeting of minds was held at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square, over three days and several stories of the building, clustered by topic. Presenters ranged from community college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, professors, and retired professors from all over the country, bringing an immense number of perspectives and experiences to light.  In attendance were thousands of members and affiliates of the eastern psychological association from all over the world. We wish to congratulate the presenters and commend them on their work.

EPA Project REACH. Photo by Graduate Center Developmental Psychology PhD Candidate Anna Schwartz. Pictured: Danielle DeNigris, Barbara Bookman, Rita Obeid, Stella Woodroffe, Fumio Someki, Dennis Bublitz, Christina Shane-Simpson, Joanne D'Onofrio, Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Patricia Brooks, John Cosentino.

Presenters Included:

Alex Gaynor (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Allison Baren (Graduate Center Psychology PhD Candidate, Neuroscience)
Anna Schwartz (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Annemarie Donachie (College Of Staten Island)
Anthony Massa (College Of Staten Island)
Ariana D. Riccio (Graduate Center)
Ariella Goldberg (CUNY Central Office of Student Affairs)
Barbara Bookman (CUNY Central Office Of Student Affairs)
Ben Cheriyan (College Of Staten Island)
Carly Tocco (Graduate Center/Queens College Psychology)
Celeste Sangiorgio (CUNY Baccalaureate Alumna, St. John’s Psychology Doctoral Student)
Christina Shane-Simpson (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Danielle DeNigris (College Of Staten Island/Graduate Center CUNY)
Dennis Bublitz (College Of Staten Island/Graduate Center)
Dr. Aaron Kozbelt (Brooklyn College Professor)
Dr. Claudia Brumbaugh (Graduate Center Psychology Professor)
Dr. Lucas Parra (Graduate Center Psychology)
Dr. Patricia Brooks (Graduate Center And Csi Professor Of Psychology
Elizabeth F. Chua (Brooklyn College
Elliot Klein (Graduate Center)
Emily Hotez (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Ethlyn Saltzman (Graduate Center Educational Psychology Student)
Ewa Wawrzonek (College Of Staten Island)
Henry O. Love (Graduate Center)
Jennifer L. Stewart (Graduate Center/Queens College Department Of Psychology)
Joanne D’onofrio (College Of Staten Island
John Cosentino (College Of Staten Island)
Jonathan Pickens (Graduate Center CUNY)
Katherine Fitzgerald (College Of Staten Island)
Kole Norberg (Brooklyn College And Kingsborough Community College, City University Of New York)
Kristen Gillespie-Lynch (Graduate Center, College of Staten Island)
Leah Samouha (Brooklyn College, City University Of New York)
Maria Alarcon (College Of Staten Island)
Mariann Weierich (Hunter College And Graduate Center Professor)
Marjorine Castillo, (Graduate Center)
Matthew J.C. Crump (Brooklyn College)
May Yuan (Department Of Psychology, Queens College)
Melissa Dolese (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Michael Siller (Hunter College/Graduate Center CUNY)
Miranda Alicea (College Of Staten Island)
Mirela Cengher (Queens College And Graduate Center)
Miriam Feintuch (Brooklyn College)
Natalie A. Kacinik (Brooklyn College And Graduate Center)
Nicholaus P. Brosowsky (Graduate Center Of The City University Of New York)
Rachel Weintraub (Graduate Center)
Rita Obeid (Graduate Center CUNY)
Robert Lanson (Queens College And Graduate Center)
Ron Whiteman (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Roseanne Flores (Hunter College And Graduate Center)
Samantha Cohen (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Shawn E. Fagan (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Sophie Schnaidman (Staten Island Technical High School)
Stella Woodruffe (Kingsborough Community College)
Teresa Ober (Graduate Center Educational Psychology Student)
Theresa Fiani (Graduate Center Behavior Analysis—Psychology PhD Student)
Tyrel Starks (Graduate Center Psychology Student)
Dr. Warren Reich (Professor, Hunter College Psychology, Center For Court Innovation)
Will Long (College Of Staten Island)
To view the entire schedule and a detailed description of presentation topics and abstracts, visit http://Www.Easternpsychological.Org/Files/Documentlibrary/2016%20meeting%20program%202_0.Pdf

Eastern Psychological Association
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Submitted on: MAR 7, 2016

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