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Mayor de Blasio Invites Michelle Fine and María Torre to Join NYC Task Force on Schools

Michelle Fine and María Torre, GC professors of psychology and co-founders of the Public Science Project (PSP), were recently invited by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office to join the Data and Research Working Group of the Leadership Team on School Climate and Discipline.
The Leadership Team will develop and recommend data-driven plans to improve the educational climate in New York City public schools, while minimizing the use of punitive measures such as suspensions, arrests, and summonses. Its members serve for one year.
“Dr. Torre and I are very excited to bring the resources of the Public Science Project at the Graduate Center to this significant working group,” says Fine (top right). “The de Blasio administration, in this case facilitated by Vincent Schiraldi, has carved open opportunities for rich and critical participation by youth activists, educators, and engaged researchers to reshape policy on school climate, the school-to-prison pipeline and suspension, expulsion, and other disciplinary practices with an eye on justice.”
Public schools have long been a key focus of the Public Science Project, founded at the Graduate Center close to two decades ago. A research institute that brings together policymakers, activists, and community members, PSP conducts participatory community-based research with a critical race, gender, and sexuality lens that investigates the intersections of a wide range of issues related to education, poverty, and criminal justice.

Submitted on: FEB 19, 2015

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